The “Sauerland”: a paradise for fans of mountain-biking and street cycling. The characteristic scenery of the “Sauerland” with its hills, mountains, forests and valleys offers the best conditions for cycling. During your tours, let your gaze wander across the valleys, high ground and villages of timber-framed houses. Enjoy the almost never-ending forests and healthy air. Take joy in the sight of the vivid waters of numerous brooks, rivers and lakes. Here you can recharge your batteries.

You can plan your tours individually or take advantage of our house tours (video), which we worked out for you. The range comprises tours for beginners up to professionals. One of our highlights is our „castle“ tour (video) or our tour “Haus Berghoff Spezial” with 20 km of single trail (video).


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For relaxation: sauna + steam sauna with possibility for massages

Especially for cycling enthusiasts: Our two specials Bike Special and E-Bike Special.

Following you find a tour overview with charming routes for beginners and advanced around our apartment hotel:

Tour Bikes and Street Bikes:
Schlössertour, 41,2 km / 540 hm
Sauerlandvielfalt, 22 Touren von 38 – 150 km
Homertrunde, 73 km
RTF-Route, 42 km
RTF-Route, 72 km
RTF-Route, 112 km
Kleiner Bergsteiger, 79 km / 1.500 hm

Haustour, 38 km / 790 hm
Haus Berghoff Spezial XL, 52 km / 970 hm, 20 km Single Trail
Haus Berghoff Spezial, 24,6 km / 510 hm, 17 km Single Trail
Haus Berghoff Marathon, 70,8 km / 1.240 hm
Sorpesee-Tour, 32,5 km / 450 hm
Tour über die Dörnholthausener Höhenzüge, 40,3 km / 800 hm
Mega-Sports-Route, 53 km / 1.280 hm
Single Trail, 23,1 km / 440 hm
Kyrill-Runde, 43 km / 590 hm
Altes Testament, 25,5 km / 340 hm
Fledermaustunnel, 57,3 km / 970 hm
Aquamagis-Tour, 39,9 km / 770 hm
Oesterberge-Fledermaustunnel, 73,4 km / 1.410 hm
Plettenberg-Marathon, 61,5 km / 1.350 hm

Übersichtskarte Mountainbike

The “Sauerland” is also considered, among insiders, one of the most beautiful areas for motorbikes. It seems as if it was especially created for long tours. Wide pastures and forests (with deciduous trees and conifers) are passed through by small country roads. These offer ample possibilities to avoid the usual traffic. Favourites are especially the many reservoires along which you can find a lot of meeting points for bikers. Additionally, bikers can find interesting destinations, e.g. the “Kahle Asten” in Winterberg, which is North Rhine-Westphalia’s highest peak (841 m).

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