“Golf for everyone” – this is the motto in Amecke. Close to the “Sorpesee”, only about 10 minutes from our apartment hotel, the Golf Club “Golf am Haus Amecke”. The club offers a 9-hole golf course and a public 6-hole family golf course. On the family course, the complete family can enjoy playing golf without having to practice for weeks and without becoming a club member. Here you play with special balls that are not as heavy as usual golf balls and therefore fly only shorter distances.
The course has all the vagaries and obstacles of a big course, but has shorter holes. Nevertheless, there is one condition: each player has to participate in a one-hour instruction course. After that, you get a bronze card for the course and can start playing. 
Players in possession of a DGV or VGC card are always welcome to the family course.

Not long ago the tennis club “BW Sundern” made headlines with ist victory in the German Championship. You are welcome on the tennis courts, too. It is only about 10 minutes by car to go there.
10 cindered courts, 4 indoor courts
Audience capacities:
Centre Court: room for 2.500 people (stand, seats and standing room)
Court 2: room for about 2.000 people (stand, seats and standing room)
Court 4: room for about 1.000 people (stand and standing room)

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