Experience pleasurable moments of relaxation, well-being and new energy. Under expert hands, enjoy your own personal break and start revitalized into everyday life.
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1. Anti Stress Massage

Relief of negative energies. Ideal for the elimination of headaches, back pains as well as nervousness. 30 minutes; 56,- Euro

2. Relaxing Full Body Massage

Overall relaxation of body, mind and soul. Ideal for reaching your physical and psychological balance. 60 minutes; 88,- Euro

3. Aroma Massage

Releasing, relaxing and feeling at ease with essential oils. 45 minutes; 76,- Euro

4. Sports Massage

For the recuperation of stressed leg muscles, in particular after hiking, biking, Nordic walking as well as skiing. With the healing power of the precious plant extracts of arnica blossoms. 30 minutes; 58,- Euro

5. Face and Décolleté Massage

Massage for her or him with nourishing and caring cream. 30 minutes; 56,- Euro

6. Hot Stone Massage

Stress relief and well-being with the power of hot stones. 70 minutes + post-massage rest; 92,- Euro

7. TouchLife Massage

Massage after Leder & von Kalckreuth, which is characterized by harmonious handles. The energetic circulation of the body is stimulated and blockades are released. The result is deep relaxation. 90 minutes (60 minutes massage + 30 minutes talk and post-massage rest); 90,- Euro

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